Matters is an ANO of the M3 Launch authority set. We are a high-efficiency ANO, serving the community at 60% efficiency. Other than infrastructure focus, we have also been active members of the Marketing and Website Committees until the committee changes in the last quarter of 2019. Since then we are informally apart of the now working group for marketing that is the remainder of the former Marketing Commitee 

In Q4 we had a focus of reincorporation of Matter of Fact LLC into a friendly jurisdiction for both cryptocurrency and non-USA Directors. Matter of Fact LLC is now Matters Group Ltd registered in the British Virgin Islands. In line with this new company, we have rebranded and remaned to Matters. You can see our new website here.


  • Created graphics for Factomize blog post PEG inflation/deflation
  • Approached Coinmarketcap to fix FCT ticker. Response was negative, they will not change it.
  • Created 3 Graphs for article PegNet Predictable Supply of Peg by David Johnston
  • Created graphics for PegNet for the Crypto App 
  • Marketing Committee representative for the Website Committee
  • Attended social media agency weekly calls with Lightspan



  • Attendance at Guide meetings
  • 100% Attendance at Marketing Committee meetings



  • Continued to maintain a strong presence in infrastructure both in terms of solid up times, solid hosting and being fluid with the Factom® Protocol as it matures.
  • Responded promptly to protocol upgrades.
  • As well as running the TFA bot. MOF has an internal monitoring system that alerts several members of the team around the clock, which equals a response time within minutes.
  • Logs have been submitted effectively and efficiently when any abnormalities arise.
  • All emergency contact information is up to date and functioning appropriately at times of need.
  • Overall MOF is running four servers within the Factom® ecosystem. One for the testnet, Three for the mainet: two audit servers and one back up.



Matter of Fact ran both servers at 60% efficiency for Q4 2019.