Active participants within the Marketing Committee where members of MOF serve as: Chair of working group for marketing language, Creative director for marketing and unified branding documents, Onboarding secretary and Marketing Committee discord administrator.  

  • Created specific logo-designs and implementations for all social media platforms
  • Collected, sorted and processed information from all ANOs for the ANO one-pager PDF in the media pack
  • Finalizing the ANO one Pager PDFs. Expected final delivery in Early Q2
  • Finalized and submitted the Factom Protocol brand guide
  • Compiled the Factom Protocol summaries 
  • Provided additional content to the Factom Protocol Marketing Committee roadmap
  • Branded the Factom Protocol Marketing Committee roadmap
  • Provided edits to the monthly newsletter
  • Assisted ANO’s with press releases
  • Assumed role as Treasurer for Marketing Committee Grant funds during current transition of the Committee Chair
  • Various other tasks and involvement within the Marketing Committee


  • Actively participated in Governance on the Factomize forums 
    • MOF has participated in all votes, except one minor vote in Q1 2019, and kept up to speed on all major and minor discussion threads
  • Attendance at Guide meetings
  • Attendance at ANO meetings
  • Contributed behind the scenes to the ANO selection ratification document


  • Continued to maintain a strong presence in infrastructure both in terms of solid up times, solid hosting and being fluid with the Factom® Protocol as it matures.
  • Responded promptly to any emergent or non-emergent protocol upgrades as needed.
  • As well as running the TFA bot. MOF has an internal monitoring system that alerts several members of the team around the clock, which equals a response time within minutes. 
  • Logs have been submitted effectively and efficiently when any abnormalities arise.
  • All emergency contact information is up to date and functioning appropriately at times of need.
  • Overall MOF is running four servers within the Factom® ecosystem. One for the testnet, Three for the mainet: two audit servers and one back up. 


Matter of Fact has run at 60% efficiency for Q2 2019, Until June 2nd 2019 where MOF reduced its efficiency on one server to 5%, to join the crowd support efforts for  MaxCollab.