• Wrote and distributed a press release for TFA on TFA Labs that brings a blockchain solution for securing data in billions of IoT devices.
  • Created social post for the Factom protocol social channels in regards to Odyssey event & TFA labs news
  • Provided DBGrow with the marketing summaries to be integrated into the protocol website
  • Supported Henry and event organisers in the marketing of his talk at the London Blockchain event
  • Provided MC Chair with the marketing summaries to be used on social channels for consistent messaging
  • Provided resources to ANO’s on explainer videos and general PR outlets.
  • Compiled all the work that was performed for the Paid Marketing grant and ensured all milestones were met. Worked with MC Chair on final report to the broader community
  • Worked with Greg Forst on the BiTA Press Release
  • Worked with Greg Forst on the press release RFP for the GI marketing grant
  • Worked with MikeB (Cube3) and Greg Forst for the press release around new ANOs on
  • Factom banners print design for Amsterdam Blockchain event on May 19th
  • Compiled and composed Marketing Committee Report May, June and July presented in Google Slides
  • Research on Newsletter system, design, and setup
  • Continuous work on ANO One Pager PDFs, Adding new ANOs
  • Facilitated communications with Flipside crypto and members of the factom community (Kevin, Alex, Maxlambda, and myself) to improve FCAS score on Dan and Maxlamba had a follow-up call with Flipside Cryptos CEO and team on May 29th, 2019. Was told that Factoms final review got a little clogged in their UDM (Universal Data Model) system. Update from flipside crypto on July 8, 2019
    “You guys will move up to a B rank when FCAS hits 650. As your ecosystem continues to gain traction with customers and your development cranks, you will likely move towards that next rank. From a technical perspective, you have done all that is needed to ensure your rating is as fully informed as possible.”
  • Created the Factom® Protocol Merchandise Store
  • Developed 80´s graphics style concept and copy for Merch store.
  • Worked on the press agency RFPs with Greg, rated and submitted questions back to the top rated
  • Updated and resubmitted media pack to website committee for integration on to
  • Collaborated with David Chapman to set up a detailed welcome message for all new registrations on the Factomize forums
  • Wrote a report for marketing & legal committees to outline GDPR issues which need to be overcome.


  • 100% Attendance at Guide meetings
  • 100% Attendance at Marketing Committee meetings


  • Alerted Factom Inc of TLS certificate issue
  • Continued to maintain a strong presence in infrastructure both in terms of solid up times, solid hosting and being fluid with the Factom® Protocol as it matures.
  • Responded promptly to any emergent or non-emergent protocol upgrades as needed.
  • As well as running the TFA bot. MOF has an internal monitoring system that alerts several members of the team around the clock, which equals a response time within minutes.
  • Logs have been submitted effectively and efficiently when any abnormalities arise.
  • All emergency contact information is up to date and functioning appropriately at times of need.
  • Overall MOF is running four servers within the Factom® ecosystem. One for the testnet, Three for the mainet: two audit servers and one back up.


Matter of Fact has run at 60% efficiency for Q2 2019, Until June 2nd, 2019 where MOF temporarily reduced its efficiency on one server 5%, to join the crowd support efforts for MaxCollab.